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Our Values

  • We have passion for what we do
  • We take responsibility
  • We deliver what we say we will
  • We do everything excellently
  • We work with integrity
Congratulations to the Winners!
GPAA Receiving the BCI Africa Award for
'Best Recovery 2016"

Who We Are

We are a community of skilled and experienced consultants who assist our clients to ensure their success. Our consultants guide our customers at a business level from conception to completion. We endeavour to understand our clients’ business. We focus on our clients’ requirements in the Governance, Compliance and Risk areas. We identify and design solutions. We ensure measurable deliverables. We assist in the delivery of the proposed solutions. For more information, please view the Introduction to Caridon or our Services Introduction.

What We Do

We offer experienced and cost effective professional guidance and provide quality independent and confidential services. Our main focus areas are:

Governance, Risk and Compliance
Business Continuity Management
Contract Life-cycle and Risk Management

Project Management
Knowledge Management
Change Management
Training, Mentoring and Coaching
ISO Management Systems

Assessment Services

Management Systems Assessment Services

How is your 'continuous improvement' drive working? 

Team Caridon conducts ISO Management System Assessments to assist our clients in determining the maturity of their Management Systems. 
By applying our unique dashboard methodology we will review the current state of your management systems such as BCMS or ISMS within the organisation and compare this to the requirements of ISO and Good Practice. The gap analysis can then be reviewed by management to set the target maturity required and the define a programme of activities to achieve that maturity level.

We can also arrange for ISO Certification Audits by PECB Certified ISO Auditors on a wide range of ISO Standards.

For more information, contact us at or call Brian Henry at +27 (0)82 651 8897.

ISO Training Schedule

IT Service Management ISO/IEC 20000 Intro                        
ISO/IEC 20000 FD 19-Jan-17 23-Jan-17 27-Feb-17 09-Mar-17 04-May-17 22-Jun-17 10-Aug-17 28-Sep-17  
ISO/IEC 20000 LI 30-Jan-17 13-Mar-17 08-May-17 03-Jul-17 21-Aug-17 09-Oct-17  
ISO/IEC 20000 LA                        
Business Continuity Management ISO/IEC 22301 Intro                        
ISO/IEC 22301 FD 19-Jan-17 23-Jan-17 06-Feb-17 06-Mar-17 23-Mar-17 04-May-17 26-Jun-17 14-Aug-17 02-Oct-17  
ISO/IEC 22301 LI 30-Jan-17 06-Feb-17 13-Feb-17 27-Feb-17 08-May-17 03-Jul-17 21-Aug-17 09-Oct-17  
ISO/IEC 22301 LA 13-Feb-17 27-Mar-17 22-May-17 10-Jul-17 28-Aug-17 16-Oct-17            
Information Security Management System ISO/IEC 27001 Intro 06-Mar-17 24-Mar-17 05-May-17 26-Jun-17 14-Aug-17 02-Oct-17            
ISO/IEC 27001 FD 18-Jan-17 25-Jan-17 08-Feb-17 08-Mar-17 10-May-17 28-Jun-17 16-Aug-17 04-Oct-17  
ISO/IEC 27001 LI 20-Feb-17 27-Mar-17 05-Jun-17 24-Jul-17 11-Sep-17 30-Oct-17  
ISO/IEC 27001 LA 13-Feb-17 03-Apr-17 29-May-17 31-Jul-17 04-Sep-17 23-Oct-17            
Supply Chain Security ISO/IEC 28000 FD 23-Jan-17 08-Feb-17 13-Mar-17 23-Mar-17 08-May-17 24-May-17 26-Jun-17 12-Jul-17 14-Aug-17 30-Aug-17 02-Oct-17 18-Oct-17
ISO/IEC 28000 LI 13-Feb-17 03-Apr-17 31-Jul-17  
ISO/IEC 28000 LA 29-May-17 04-Sep-17 23-Oct-17                  
Certified Privacy Implementer ISO/IEC 29100 Intro 27-Jan-17 10-Feb-17 10-Mar-17 12-May-17 30-Jun-17 18-Aug-17 06-Oct-17  
ISO/IEC 29100 CLPI 30-Jan-17 27-Mar-17 22-May-17 03-Jul-17 21-Aug-17 09-Oct-17  
Anti-Bribery Management System ISO/IEC 37001 Intro 23-Jan-17 30-Jan-17 06-Feb-17                  
ISO/IEC 37001 FD 16-May-17 03-Jul-17 21-Aug-17 09-Oct-17  
ISO/IEC 37001 LI 27-Feb-17 03-Apr-17 12-Jun-17 31-Jul-17 18-Sep-17 06-Nov-17            
Corporate Governance of IT ISO/IEC 38500 Lead 20-Feb-17 03-Apr-17 05-Jun-17 24-Jul-17 11-Sep-17 30-Oct-17  
ISO/IEC 38500 Mgr 08-Feb-17 29-Mar-17 24-May-17 12-Jul-17 30-Aug-17 18-Oct-17  
Core ISO Frameworks Umbrella Package Option (ISO/IEC 22301, 27001, 29100) 23-Jan-17 06-Feb-17 06-Mar-17 08-May-17 26-Jun-17 14-Aug-17 02-Oct-17          
Practical BCM  Workshop -2 days 13-Feb-17 20-Feb-17 27-Feb-17                  

We also offer in-house training, and residential courses in Mauritius for those wishing to combine work and vacation time.
For more information and course dates contact us or +27 (0)82 651 8897.

Visit our Academy page to diarise the dates and register.